Working out at home

Working out at home can be as effective as going to the gym. You just need to set aside a bit of time, be willing to put in a bit of effort, and not get distracted.

All you need is 30 minutes per day, or more if you can! If working out is a priority then you will find time in your busy day!

So what do we need for an effective workout at home?

Top 5 tips

  1. Schedule it, just like any appointment, put it in the diary and don’t miss it.
  2. Change it up. Variety is good to stay interested and motivated. H.I.I.T workout one day, maybe an abs, butts and thighs the next.
  3. Be consistent. I find early mornings can be the easiest to lock in a routine workout. There is generally little excuse to say ‘too busy’ at 6am in the morning! 
  4. Get others involved. Whether it's a family member (kids are great for making it fun) or have some laughs with a friend on FaceTime or zoom.
  5. You don’t need fancy equipment. Your own body weight and booty bands is all you need!

Using bands can be as effective as using weights. The different resistances are just like using various weights. This means that when comparing the same exercise performed with a resistance band or with free weights, the amount of muscle fibers activated is similar and the amount of force provided by the muscle fibers is similar.

Unlike free weights, resistance bands are not dependent on gravity and therefore reduce the joint compression, which helps prevent injuries.

To start, we recommend the light strength band, in our bundle this is the mint colour. (Pink is medium and black is heavy)

If you have been incorporating strength training into your routine regularly, you may be able to use a heavier resistance. To determine what that will be, perform a few of the exercises with different bands to find the one that you can stretch completely to the end of a move.

Having better form with a lighter band is far more productive than going too heavy and not getting it right.

If you are performing an exercise and finding it difficult to stretch the band out, drop to a lighter resistance.

So what does your session at home look like?

Start with a five minute warm up. This can be similar to what you intend to do for the workout just less intense. 

Choose four exercises. (Examples of some booty band exercises can be found on our previous blog Top Ten Exercises)

Eg squats, lunges, banded glute bridge,  60 seconds, rest 30 seconds x 3 sets

Cool down by stretching or using a foam roller for at least 5 minutes

This workout should take about 28 minutes. 

Remember, on top of everything else...just keep moving.

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