Getting Motivated in 2021

Happy New Year!
Getting Motivated in 2021

I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 was a challenging year for most of us. As we roll into 2021 we are faced with similar challenges.

So how do we get motivated or maintain that motivation to prioritise ourselves and our wellbeing?

What makes you tick and feel happy? 

What does getting motivated mean to you?

Some things that work for me are setting goals, visualising future outcomes, staying enthusiastic, finding your mojo and finding your WHY! Although it is impossible to stay motivated all the time, there is a lot you can do to help you stay inspired. 

My tips for getting motivated;

  • Reflection- Taking a moment to reflect on 2020. Let’s be honest, 2021 is likely to be very similar to 2020. However, the world has adapted, things will be different, but it’s good to reflect on these changes and not accept that things are just going to be bad all the time. We can still make significant progress this year even with COVID-19 sticking around.

  • Opportunity- While the world is certainly a different place right now, there are still opportunities everywhere! Trying something new might just be what you need. Try a new form of exercise, or enroll in a new course. 

  • Commitment and Inclusion- Again, staying motivated all the time is near impossible, but once you commit to something, make sure you get it done. Don’t make excuses. Being included in something will encourage you to stay motivated, sign up to a fitness challenge or team sport! Research shows that team sports help improve your discipline to be held accountable.

  • Hope and Enthusiasm- This relates back to your Why. If you are not going to be enthusiastic about it, maybe reassess and realign your goals. Make promises to yourself to commit to a goal but stay on your toes and change things up if you're not feeling passionate about it!  Staying optimistic during uncertain times, No one can see what the future will bring, but if you stay disciplined to your goals and keep positive, you’ll have the best chance of success! 

  • Be Kind - Everyone has the ability to do this. In a world where no one knows what other people are going through, the simple act of kindness can really help improve your own wellbeing.

  • Challenge -  If it’s too easy, it won’t keep you motivated. Challenging yourself to be better and set goals will keep you wanting more.

  • Friends This is a big one. Probably the ones who motivate us the most. Choose them wisely. How do you feel once you have been with particular friends? If most of the time you leave them and you feel good about yourself, these are the ones you want to surround yourself with. Tell them your goals and challenges throughout the year and they will always be there to support you.

  • Accountability - Everyone's least favorite. When things go wrong or not to plan, are you accountable to yourself for your own actions or do you come up with excuses? 

  • Goals and making time- Don’t go too big. Start small, be realistic. Write them down and develop an action plan that can be revisited regularly. Time stops for no-one. I get that we are all busy. Work, family, chores! But we have to be selfish and dedicate some time for ourselves and consider what really makes US happy right now. If this means locking yourself in the bathroom for 20 minutes to seek some peace. Do it!

  • Positive self talk - I do this all the time. Usually when I’m exercising. Give it a go next time you are doing something and have convinced yourself you can’t do it, tell yourself you can. It is your mind usually stopping you. The body is capable of a lot more than you think!

  • When I first started writing this list it was only going to be my top five tips, but as I began to think what motivation means to me, it soon became apparent, motivation comes in so many forms. Whether motivation for you comes in all these points or just one or two, make 2021 a great year. 


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